I am Constance.

I am quite a dynamic person.

I currently reside in Reno, but will make the jump to San Francisco summer 2012.

I work by day at a PR agency, The Abbi Agency. My work includes a heavy focus on the tech industry, but also allows me to contribute to a number of different sectors, including sports, food & beverage, and  B2B.

I also have a rabid passion for craft beer. I worked on projects for several breweries, including one award winning campaign for a Reno brewery. I currently produce a festival called CANFEST, which is the world’s first strictly canned beer festival. It’s sort of my baby.

I write plans, strategies, and proposals for clients. Sometimes I get good placements, too.

I freelance write for publications who will accept my work. My content typically covers ways businesses and brands can utilize social media, but I also commentate on the social media world in general. Some of the places my work has been featured are: SmartBrief, The CMO Site, Mashable, Social Media Today, and PRDaily.

The Reno Gazette Journal once described me in print as: “A Reno cool chick who thrives at the confluence of tattoos, craft beer, digital marketing and Coachella”. I’d say that wraps it up nicely. I do also love bow ties and Arcade Fire more than I love anything else in the world.

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About Constance Aguilar

I like good bass lines, enjoy classic literature, drink well crafted beer, listen to all that hipster music, and write on Internet, social media, and PR topics. Sometimes I fancy myself a real writer and take a stab at something more; I'll let you know when it works out. I'm currently working on projects for Social Media Examiner, Technorati, SmartBrief and Mashable.

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